Looking for a good play?

When I was a student on a stint abroad in the most expensive college town ever (Oxford), despite the fact it meant another meal of bread and cheese, I saw a lot of plays. I saw at least a couple a week, snuck into shows at intermission, and stole a bunch of David Hare scripts from the library. It came close to an obsession–one that I’ve tucked away (uncomfortably) in recent years.

Given a little bit of free time, I could easily fall into this habit again. Fortunately, a friend of mine is a theater critic, and I have gotten to experience a few exciting ones sitting next to her.

My favorite playwright this moment is Martin McDonagh, who wrote The Pillowman, The Lonesome West, and the Lieutenant of Inishmore, among others. The fact that he struggled and putzed around and then one day simply decided to write a play (and turned out amazing ones in rapid succession) makes me love him and his work all the more. I will check his scripts out from the library this time.


One thought on “Looking for a good play?

  1. Yes! I saw The Pillowman at Steppenwolf a couple seasons ago AND I even got into an argument with another audience member at the post-show Q&A – it was amazing! Very relevant to the Great Video Game debate as well.

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