Nanjing in a day

The ruins of the imperial palace, the Ming Gugong, 明故宮, which was the model for the much newer imperial palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing.
As was the fashion with palaces in those days, it was protected by a huge wall and a moat. Sun Yatsen was laid to rest in his fancy mausoleum, 中山陵, in 1929. He asked everyone to keep it simple, but the nice thing about dead people is that you don’t have to listen to them.In China, black corn tastes better than yellow corn, but everyone knows there’s no better corn than Ohio corn. Everyone who knows what Ohio is, that is.A very tiny child wielding a very long sword.
Beipei was the youngest son of the dragon, and he ended up looking like a turtle instead. Here is a view of his butt.
Where the wild things are. They are helping you to open doors.
Ming Xiaoling, 明孝陵, on the path to the Empress’s tomb. They artfully constructed a couple dozen pairs of ten-foot high sculptures of magical beasts to line the road and welcome the dead Empress. Not that she cared at that point.
The Nanjing city wall dates back to the 1300s and is one of the dwindling original walls still standing in China today.

Not pictured: The scalper who then sold us train tickets back to Shanghai.


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