And so on

As people here try to read into recents events to try to predict whether all of this is the start of another ethnic/socioeconomic civil war or just the start of an election season, life goes on.

A typographer was painting this Coca-Cola ad freehand in the middle of downtown. Being into type design and all things print, I was really excited to see someone practicing this mostly dying art form. He was surprised that I was so interested, and I was sorry to disappoint him with the news that very few signs are still painted like this in the United States.

Then we noticed the slogan, “No power sharing,” on the back of his coveralls and were thrown back into thinking about Rwandan politics. We mistook it for an inflammatory statement about the power struggle between the Hutu and Tutsi. We were only slightly relieved when the typographer explained it referred to the tumult that was Kenyan politics in 2008, a period that involved a rigged election, international meddling, and many dead protestors.

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