It cuts like a knife

At least now it does.

I brought my abused array of knives to the lovely and hip Town Cutler, and they came back to me crazy sharp, full potential finally reached. I can slice again, rather than squish and tear.

Proprietor and cutler Galen Garretson sharpens your blades for $1.50 an inch (or slightly discounted for those in the industry), and he’ll take time to chat about everything from the Rockwell scale (steel hardness) to restaurant life, which he knows much about having worked as a sous chef and on the line most recently at Quince, before opening up shop. He patiently reminded me to regularly hone this time, so that I better maintain their edges. I am sorry I was so lazy about this before, dear knives.

For more on the care and feeding of your knife, check out Sharpening Made Easy and Rouxbe’s video tutorial, or sign up for one of Town Cutler’s regular sharpening classes.


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