Never use a glass to scoop ice and other cooking secrets

I have been staging (apprenticing) at a restaurant and for that had to get a California Food Handler certification. I’ve taken my share of online training programs, from safe driver to sexual harassment to legal ethics, and all of them have been impossibly boring, but this one tops the list.

This one was narrated by a woman who apparently thought she was doing voice overs for a toddler TV show. She posed challenging riddles like whether you should ask the chef or manager when you don’t know the answer to something. (The answer is yes.)

The highlight was the Dress the Employee exercise, which was meant to teach what to wear to work. I had to remove the set of false nails from the woman in this picture and put them on the table. Shudder.

 Never ever wear your falsies to cook.

Since the restaurant I’ve been working at makes every part of each dish, from garnish to main attraction, each day using entirely fresh (often foraged that morning) products, much of the info was irrelevant. I did, however, finally learn the secret to washing my hands: The first step is to wet them and the second step is apply soap. There’s actually more to this, but I won’t overwhelm you.


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