200 feet of meat

The scene last night on 银虎池街 (Yinhuchi Jie, “the pool where the lion drinks street”) in the heart of the Hui neighborhood in Jinan, Shandong China.

This guy had a good three hundred skewers of lamb with garlic and peppers, seasoned with turmeric and cumin, roasting over hot coals (2 RMB each). I am a sucker for lamb kidney on a stick (1 RMB each).


2 thoughts on “200 feet of meat

  1. OHHHH! Yangrou Chuar!!! I want to be there so badly now. On my first week in China I was taking buses and trains from Laos to Beijing by myself, with no guidebooks or anything. I came across a small alley with lots of food vendors, in Xi'an I believe. I saw one making lamb skewers with cumin. Looked delicious. I made a gesture for 10 with all my fingers, the guy looked a bit puzzled and he made a gesture that looked like a + sign. Later I learned that meant 10 in chinese finger gestures. I made the + sign with my fingers twice more that evening and enjoyed some cold Tsingtao beer! Best evening of vagabonding ever.

  2. That's such a great story of how you learned your hand gestures! They do come in handy when buying stuff, don't they? Coincidentally, I'll be heading to Qingdao, home of Tsingtao, in just a few days, so I'll likely be trying out the DG-Vagabond diet.

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