The very tragical, very true history of American cuisine

The very multi-talented artist Jon Adams and I made a comic documenting some strange but very true events in the history of American food for McSweeney’s. If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone, you can check it out with the super neat (and free) McSweeney’s App. Here’s a preview:
I couldn’t fit everything that happened after that into the panels, but apparently, Bush Sr.’s press secretary came up with a story to smooth things over. “‘Why don’t you roll me under the table and I’ll sleep it off while you finish the dinner,'” Bush reportedly quipped in the middle of the chaos. Oh really? I’m betting what he said came closer to, “Rrgh [wipes vomit off lips with sleeve]. Sorry. I am so…whuuuuuuruh [vomits again].” Either way, the evening was an embarrassingly apropos metaphor for the American economy.

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