Mister Rogers says, be in touch with your feelings.

With the proposed $20 million grant to the newly formed Corporation for Public Broadcasting, his program would have a budget of $6,000. “Six thousand dollars pays for less than two minutes of…animated, what I sometimes say, bombardment,” he said.
The argument that PBS funding matters or has ever mattered in the greater scheme of the federal budget is a straw man, a meaningless distraction from actual differences between how Republicans and Democrats spend money. Federal funding amounts to just 15% of PBS’s total budget and just $450 million out of America’s current trillion dollar deficit.Regardless of who we choose on Tuesday, neither candidate’s budget plan (assuming both are even feasible) will balance the budget for another eight to ten years, but Mr. Rogers’ earnest message, devoid of politicking and cynicism, reminds us of what could really make things better for everyone today.

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