Orchids can be kind of a tease

I’ve always had a thing for orchids in part because the latter part of my name–兰 (the “lon” in Tienlon)–means orchid. Orchids are apparently rather wily.

The Mediterranean bee orchid’s (Ophrys apifera) bulbous lip looks to us like a chubby, chuckling little fellow. To bees and wasps, the flower looks like a sexy female fetchingly waving her antennae. This variety of orchid is so well adapted to mimicry that it emanates the come hither scent of female bees. When a male lands and tries to nuzzle, the orchid’s yellow antenna-like pollinea stick to him like velcro darts, which he then carries on to his next bad date. I suppose this little orchid always does get the last laugh.Image

Hubba hubba. Image source: WWT. The BBC has the great David Attenborough talking about other varieties that bamboozle bees with the promise of great sex.


3 thoughts on “Orchids can be kind of a tease

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