Basil bonsaaaaaai

I had the chance to hang out at the Sunset magazine campus in Menlo Park today for a preview of their annual Celebration, an extravaganza of all things food, garden, and the West Coast happening June 1 and June 2.

The Sunset gardening gurus pointed out a bulbous puff of a shrub in a little pot just across from their lush berry garden. It’s an aromatic Greek basil variety with tiny, tasty leaves grafted to a strain that develops a sturdy trunk. (The breeders won’t divulge where they found that one.) Combined, the plants become a hardy, super basil plant that lives five times longer than your grocery store basil plant (meaning five years instead of one). It even flowers in the summer.

I’m thinking of getting one to shape into a basil bonsai, perfect for seasoning my Caprese salad or uni pasta. Speaking of which, Ripert’s recipe is delicious, but my favorite version is and will always be Basta Pasta’s.


A not so interesting photo of a very interesting little basil tree (Ocimum basilicum).


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