Backing up in Yahoo!

Well, you gotta admit, this is a little ridiculous. Yahoo! provides this method for backing up your email:Image

To sum up steps 1 through 6, Yahoo! instructs us to employ the ingenious techniques of “cut and paste” and “print.” The third option is exporting through a program like Outlook. At least this can serve as a good reminder of the risks we as users take in turning over valuable data to data collators when they offer no real solutions for us to access it ourselves.

I got another reality check today when I signed on to a real estate site using my Yahoo! account only to get two emails and a phone call from realtors connected to the site within a couple hours. I hadn’t even realized Yahoo! had my mobile number. Needless to say, I’ve disconnected my Yahoo! account from the real estate site and deleted my phone number, but the frustrating thing is, I know I’m already too late.


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