Lucky Peach at Williams Sonoma

To celebrate the launch of the Seashore issue, Lucky Peach put on a night of readings, oysters, and many martinis at the flagship Williams-Sonoma store in San Francisco. This was my part:

LP seashore talk

I also put on the first annual Spot the Abalone Contest:

Spot the reds! from Tienlon Ho on Vimeo.

How many do you see? If you’ve never seen a wild abalone before, they look like rocks covered with sea life. It’s the holes in their shell (for breathing, pooping, and expelling eggs or sperm) and their black tentacled foot give them away. (Don’t worry if you can’t see more than a few–the winner was lifelong diver.) Answer’s below.

The winner of the contest was awarded with tiny dried abalone from the Stockton Seafood Market. Everyone took home bags and bags of coastal California seaweed sustainably harvested by Heidi Hermann’s Strongarm Farm. Apparently, there are no inedible/deadly seaweeds to be found on the shore, so humans can feel free to taste whatever we happen to pick up. I’ve done this! Pro-tip: Look for tube worms and other critters attached first. More on the night and future events here.

Photo by Rob Jordan. Answer: 11.


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